Wednesday, 4 April 2012


"...Haha yeah the flow of FF is delirious, sleaze, splatter MADNESS!!! I love it MArk, pure and simple..."

"Got the second issue a few days ago. Pretty sick and twisted Mark. Love it."

"Just got my copy of Mark K Allen's FRIGHTFEAST #2 in the post! It's wonderfully twisted & hallucinatory; chock full of comix so gruesome they make the Black Dahlia crime scene photos look like a day at Disneyland! Bravo! :) "

"... fuckin-goddamn-hell brother I fuckin LOVE the 2nd issue!!!! It's ten times more depraved, sleazy, and just plain awesome than the first and thats raising the bar high as the first was a gut bomb of gore haha! It really seems that the art was improved and things flow a bit better even though it still is a mish mash of insanity but thats a fuckin good thing!! I think the best part about FF is the almost nightmarish dream like quality of the story line, it's almost like a splatter version of a David Lynch film. "

" The first issue is the Finest piece of underground artwork and story I have read since the early 80's, late 70's. I highly endorse Mark's comics and suggest everyone pick them up!!! "

" I got your comic yesterday, and just read it! I'm still shaking from it, and have poured myself a stiff Brandy Ha ha!
The gory art is really nice; I love the montage pages."

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